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The difference between Protagoras' conventionalism and his hedonism might explain the difference between his two sets of students: those who are politically ambitious and those (of which we see only one example in this dialogue, Antimoerus) who wish to become sophists themselves.
The inspiration Hu found in the Sophists is not indicative of Hu's desire to westernize China.
From what we know about early pre-Socratic thought, the speculations of the philosophers did not clash against the intuitions of the average man as they did after Parmenides and the sophists.
The method of division (diairesis) employed by the Visitor from Elea in Plato's Sophist and Statesman is often interpreted as a hierarchical classification, in which each cut divides a kind (genos)into smaller parts that are fully contained within it and each subsequent kind entails all of the previous kinds in the sequence.
The early, multi-disciplinary sophists of the Greek Enlightenment invented all sorts of revolutionary ways of conceiving 'facts' which had previously had their meanings locked into, that is only available via, always slanted in their meaning by--archaic conceiving systems, i.
In fact, the sophists are the ones who de facto open humanist time of the ancient Greek philosophy.
Rachana Kamtekar focuses upon education and art, and argues that Socrates' main difference with the sophists on these topics is one of human psychology.
As its title suggests, Against the sophists is less a defense of Isocrates' views than an attack on rhetorical and philosophical competitors.
The debate is about the fundamental purpose of education: for the Sophists, the goal is power--economic, political, and social.
Bruce Winter, Philo and Paul among the Sophists (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2002), 241-43.
According to Lee Harris, in "The Future of Tradition," our current culture war was preceded by two prior culture wars: the rise of the Sophists in ancient Greece and the era identified with the French Enlightenment and the German Aufklarung.
Sophists taught the art of persuasion irrespective of justice and truth.