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The aim was to test the capability of the numerical model to correctly predict the effect of physical properties of lining material on sound attenuation.
It follows from the data listed that main contribution to the sound attenuation caused by rotational isomeric relaxation comes from reaction 5.
Along with the energy savings, the additional benefits of filtration and sound attenuation discussed above makes the Rigid Media Direct Evaporative Cooler very attractive but heavily under utilized technology.
Yet he believes that the benefits that can be provided by the material-weight savings, sound attenuation, styling improvements, even reduced solar energy transmission (with the addition of an anti-infrared layer)-can more than offset the cost differential.
Determines: Central or beside-the-press installation, special controls, safeties, alarms, level indicators, sound attenuation, portability, and many other options.
Designed to meet the needs of today's sound attenuation market, the A205-5100 and A205-6100 silencers are well suited for heavy duty power generation, oil & gas and marine applications.
New product offerings meet stricter sound attenuation requirements
We were able to get the optimum architectural layout combined with structural efficiency--plus maximum ceiling heights, excellent sound attenuation, and the very best built-in fireproofing.
Plenums are duct elements that have inherent sound attenuation properties.
This rugged silencer has the greatest sound attenuation capability in its class, with validated sound attenuation of 45-60 dB(A).