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S1 nuclease pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and Southern blot analysis showed that the blaNDM-1 gene was located on plasmids of various sizes belonging to different Inc groups.
All samples were previously characterized by PCR and/or Southern blot analysis (24, 25).
Southern blot analysis by Brevibacterium cholesterol oxidase type II oligo probe.
For Southern blot analysis, 944 results were reported, with a successful response rate of 95%.
Thus, in this way the conceptual differences between southern blot analysis and PCR analysis are emphasized in a context in which these differences are relevant.
Correlation of FMR1 Southern Blot Analysis and AmplideX([R]) mPCR for Detection of Size and Methylation Mosaicism in Fragile X Full Mutation Alleles" (abstract G33).
In this study, we also compared methylation levels of exonic (FREE2 CpG units 1 and 2) and intronic (FREE2 CpG units 6-12) sequences, the FMR1 activation ratios determined with methylation-sensitive Southern blot analysis of the NruI restriction site (within the CpG island), and the results of FMRP immunostaining of blood lymphocytes (28).
Southern blot analysis was achieved using PCR and RTPCR products.
Transgenic tissues were easily regenerated into whole plants and Southern blot analysis demonstrated stable integration of the gene into the peanut genome.
The session will describe recent progress in the development and evaluation of PCR technologies to address the limitations of currently applied Southern blot analysis of methylation status in expanded FMR1 alleles.
FMR1 Southern blot analysis is used both to characterize samples with numbers of CGG repeats too large to amplify by the PCR and to determine the methylation status of the gene (11).

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