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Therefore, to further confirm successful targeting at the porcine [beta]-casein locus, we carried out southern blot analysis using porcine [beta]-casein exon 9 and neo probe in the FGF knock-in fibroblast.
As expected, Southern blot analysis consistently detects a higher proportion of IGH rearrangements than PCR analysis.
Thus, in this way the conceptual differences between southern blot analysis and PCR analysis are emphasized in a context in which these differences are relevant.
Correlation of FMR1 Southern Blot Analysis and AmplideX([R]) mPCR for Detection of Size and Methylation Mosaicism in Fragile X Full Mutation Alleles" (abstract G33).
One key hurdle to the implementation of a population-based carrier screen for FXS is technical: The conventional approach for detecting FMR1 expansions involves a PCR-based assay, which is supplemented by Southern blot analysis because of the high GC content of the FMR1 repeats and the large sizes of disease-causing expansions.
The same result was also obtained in RT-PCR and Southern blot analysis, and these transgenic orchardgrass plants did not show any morphological aberration both in the culture bottle and soil mixture.
For Southern blot analysis, 10 [micro]g of genomic DNA was digested overnight with appropriate restriction enzymes designated for different transgenes (see figures for details).
By performing Southern blot analysis, we confirmed the presence of stx1B in the O153:H- and O153:117 isolates, including the strain isolated from the rabbit infected with EPEC.
To verify that EBER-ISH-positive small lymphoid cells had neoplastic character, Southern blot analysis using the EBV genome as the probe was performed.
The session will describe recent progress in the development and evaluation of PCR technologies to address the limitations of currently applied Southern blot analysis of methylation status in expanded FMR1 alleles.
Further PCR Southern blot analysis displayed that the gene TuMV-CP segments were transformed into T0 plants.
Methylation-sensitive Southern blot analysis combined with the PCR, currently the gold standard for the definitive diagnosis of FXS, provides the size of the CGG expansion and the methylation status of the FMR1 promoter (14).

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