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Conwed manufactures a full line of feed spacers that are part of layer configurations in RO spiral wound elements.
gifed Institute of Precast Concrete Units of Germany and Steel Reinforcement institute have worked towards authorizing the use of plastic spacers of various shapes, according to DIN 1045 standard specification.
There are a number of spacers available on prescription.
KASM offers disposable femur and tibia molds that allow for the creation of temporary articulating spacers.
8220;Jeep owners demand quality built parts, we built these spacers to last but we also wanted to make an artistic statement with them” states Greg Chan, Marketing Director.
Fortify I integrated corpectomy spacers (Fortify I and Fortify I-R) are vertebral body replacement devices indicated by the U.
However, therapeutic improvements with spacers are not so well defined, so I don't think it is accurate to say this is a significant cause of asthma exacerbations.
Many spacers may have relied on the injectable and other short-acting methods because of lack of availability of reversible long-acting methods, with the IUD often being the only available option.
The increase in injectable use in all countries except Zimbabwe was highest among spacers or younger limiters rather than among older limiters (Table 2, page 206); in six countries, the largest increases occurred among spacers (from eight percentage points in Nepal to 32 points in Malawi) and in six countries, among younger limiters (from 11 points in Nepal to 33 points in Indonesia).
Tile spacers come in different sizes - the larger ones are designed for floor tiles and the smaller ones for wall tiles.
You can use whichever you like, but it's better to use small tile spacers and so keep the grout lines narrow if you're using white or cream grout because it tends to discolour over time, due to things such as shampoo and cooking splashes.
TILE spacers help you to get a good finish by keeping the grout lines uniform, so don't try to tile without them.