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33) As such, the term 'frequency doubling technology' is a misnomer, as the test is not based on the illusion, nor is visualisation of the illusion part of the task of the patient; FDT attempts to determine the contrast threshold for a grating of a fixed spatial frequency and fixed rate of flicker.
This framework acquires an over complete dictionary from high spatial frequency parts of the image.
First, sensitivity to different spatial frequency bands is distinctively altered by conditions that affect brain function, reinforcing the notion that multiple spatial frequency channels work in parallel on the codification of visual information (5,6).
where du/u = differential of the logarithm of the spatial frequency d(log u), [u.
3) The spatial location, spatial frequency and orientation selective local information in the 2-D Gabor wavelet can well capture, thus is very suitable for two dimensional Gabor wavelet feature extraction of facial expression recognition.
Assume that the surface modulation of the elastic film has a spatial frequency of to.
We also performed a repeated-measures profile analysis with an interaction term between PCE exposure group and spatial frequency assuming unstructured covariance to determine whether exposed and unexposed participants had different patterns of contrast sensitivity across the five spatial frequencies.
A vertically oriented edge would only allow to obtain the horizontal Spatial Frequency Response (SFR) of the detector.
A sighted person usually exhibits a peak response near a spatial frequency of two to four cycles per degree.
The output of the transformation represents the image in the Fourier or spatial frequency domain, while the input image is the spatial domain equivalent.
The spatial frequency distribution of haplogroup J2a coincides closely with regions characterised by [greater than or equal to] 400mm of annual precipitation capable of supporting settled agriculture, while haplogroup J1-M267 distributions correlate inversely with semi-arid regions characteristically used by pastoralists.
The power density spectrum contains the spectrum of the spatial frequency and can be illustrated as a one- or two-dimensional PSD-function.

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