Special agent

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SPECIAL AGENT. A special agent is one whose authority is confined to a particular, or an individual instance. It is a general rule, that he who is invested with a special authority, must act within the bounds of his authority, and he cannot bind his principal beyond what he is authorized to do. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1299; 2 John. 48; 1 Wash. C. C. lT4; 5 John. 48; 15 John. 44; 8 Wend. 494.

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That was followed by each special agent and members of the Sullivan family placing a single white carnation on Mr.
We are one of the only commands that actually makes money for the Department of Defense," said Special Agent Michelle Chowaniec, the acting resident-agent-in-charge of the Hartford Fraud Resident Agency.
In addition to leading special agents in conducting criminal investigations of violent gang members, firearms traffickers and explosives investigations, he was instrumental in forging working relationships with state and local law enforcement, county prosecutors and the United States Attorney's Office.
Special Agent Robert Colon, PSB assistant operations officer, added that after the Twin Towers collapsed he was allowed to make one phone call.
With the approval of the $20,000 bonus and our need for warrant officers, now is a prime opportunity for qualified Soldiers to apply to become CID warrant officer special agents.
Clearly, they faced a challenge and knew they had to do more with less; the FBI office in Houston devoted about 40 special agents to prepare for Super Bowl XXXVIII, more than the entire agent complement in Jacksonville.
Special agents from CID are responsible for investigating all felony-level crime in the Army where an Army nexus exists.
Spangler, interview by FBI Special Agent Leonard G.
Criminal-tracking four-legged investigators, for example, have rarely been trained also to find the remains of innocent human victims - until FBI Special Agent Sonja Nordstrom began a program debuting this week in Towsley Canyon.
Testifying behind a screen to protect his identity, an FBI special agent told a stunned House and Senate joint intelligence panel on September 20th that two weeks before the 9-11 attacks he had begged his superiors in Washington to begin intensively searching for one of the men who was among the hijackers who crashed a jetliner into the Pentagon.
Daniel Gill, Managing Director in the Washington, DC office, is a retired FBI Special Agent with 23 years of extensive investigative and forensic accounting experience.
He most recently served as special agent in charge of the ATF Phoenix Field Division.

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