Special bail

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SPECIAL BAIL. A person who becomes specially bound to answer for the appearance of another; the recognizance or act by which such person thus becomes bound, is also called special bail. Vide Bail.

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Culprits face jail, special bail terms or banning orders.
But anyone arrested for violent offences over Christmas will get a shock - special bail conditions are in place to keep them out of the city centre until the end of January.
With no special bail conditions, he is free to travel and has so far enjoyed a trip to the millennium celebrations in London, as well as hoidays in Amsterdam and Madeira.
But she added: "I have spoken to one of the complainers, Hayley Macnamara, the ex-partner of the accused, and she does not want the special bail conditions put in place.
Sheriff Maciver told them: "There is a special bail condition.
The map is automically provided along with the special bail condition which orders an accused to keep out of Falkirk town centre.
she had a special bail condition imposed to prevent her visiting any jail after the town's sheriff court was told she had been caught behind bars with the drug haul.

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