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The City Council, in the pursuit of special legislation granting the city an exemption from the Dover Amendment, must be cognizant of the other legal constraints affecting the location of educational/social service agencies in residential areas of the city,'' Mr.
The participants in the meeting firmly rejected the possibility of introducing special legislation for bailing out Corporate Commercial Bank but agreed on the need for legislative amendments aimed at boosting public control over BNBas decisions and actions.
Women activists and supporters clamoured for special legislation allowing the protection of women against domestic violence and, condemning the extension of the mandate of the present illegitimate parliament, Mirshad added.
8 closure of the Diet session, depending on deliberations on special legislation enabling deficit-financing debt issues, the sources said.
Islamabad, May 18 ( ANI ): Pakistan Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, while disposing a petition, has said there is no requirement for special legislation regarding the protection of the rights of minorities, as Article 20 of the Constitution already protects minorities in the country.
Shura Council member Dr Lulwa Al Awadhi said Bahrain didn't need special legislation to protect police - it simply needed to activate existing laws.
The rise given to Cardiff Lord Mayor Russell Goodway in December almost doubled his money to pounds 58,500, but unless he withdraws the huge increases for himself and senior colleagues on Cardiff County Council the Assembly will use special legislation to limit the allowances.
The Northern Ireland probe will require special legislation to provide the statutory powers needed to investigate historic cases of abuse.
In other moves, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the central government will consider special legislation aimed at compensating local residents and businesses that suffered damage from the Fukushima nuclear crisis.
Testifying before a Senate committee yesterday, Lawrence Strickling from the commerce department's telecommunications policy arm, said that without special legislation concerning the protection of online data, the growth of the Internet-driven economy would be under threat.
Any doctor carrying out an abortion in utter disregard to the intent and object laid down under the special legislation ( Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971) must be prepared to face legal consequences," additional session judge Kamini Lau said, while summoning Dr Nisha Jain.
Through executive orders and special legislation enacted over the past 20 years, the federal government seeks to strengthen the prominent role these colleges and universities play in their communities and provide a structured means for these institutions to access federal funds.

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