Special partnership

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SPECIAL PARTNERSHIP. Special or limited partnerships are of two kinds; 1. Those at common law. 2. Limited partnerships, or those in commendam.
     2. Special partnerships at common law, are those formed for a particular or special branch of business, as contradistinguished from the general business of the parties, or of one of them.
     3. A limited or special partnership, under special acts of assembly, may be found in several states. In such partnerships some of the partners are liable as general partners, while others are responsible only to the extent of the capital they have furnished. See 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1472, 1473, and In Commendam; Partnership.

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During the talks, Magistres expressed the desire of the City of Naples to have a special partnership with the City of Kuwait to deepen cooperation between Italy and Kuwait.
We are negotiating a special partnership model where the Serbian government would be the majority share holder while Etihad would run the airline", Mr.
HARD-TO-LET houses are being turned into desirable homes by a team of Teesside students as part of a special partnership.
Brian Reeve, Port of Tyne's chief operating officer, said: "The special partnership for this 40th anniversary year has created some unusual and inspiring opportunities for our teams to share ideas and creativity - we are looking forward to paying a return visit to see developments at Live Theatre, and also seeing Michael's play, Tyne, in June.
We're excited about this special partnership with Samsung TVs which delivers the Yala experience with an amazing innovative quality, in every living room around the world.
The project was part of DCCCD's special partnership in the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars Program.
Benoit Jolin, the company vice president of product and marketing, said, 'Globe Trotter is a very special partnership for EAN.
RESIDENTS of a new care home are enjoying a special partnership with the local golf club.
It's an honor for us to have this special partnership with the Sailors aboard USS Constitution," said Steve Cunniff, NECHV director of community affairs.
Tassoni considers that the special partnership between Italy and Egypt can be viewed as a winning model for co-operation between countries of the two shores of the Mediterranean.
The Prime Minister noted that the regularity of the Council meetings reflects the importance that the government attaches to this special partnership, commending, in this respect, the relations of friendship and cooperation between Morocco and the United States.
This is really a special partnership that can set a strategic model on the path Turkey gets closer to the Union," Merkel said.

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