Special request

SPECIAL REQUEST. One actually made, at a particular time and place; this term is used in contradistinction to a general request, which need not state. the time when, nor place where made. 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2843.

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Pendleton sent a special request for you to go to see him this afternoon, SURE.
Lady Lydiard, invited at Miss Pink's special request, sent no reply.
But when I know that it was by your special request, of course I must take his eulogy with a grain of salt.
Hattersley and, at my special request, his wife and child.
com)-- Grammy Nominated Artist And Lead Singer Of SpeCial ReQuest Releases New Single Entitled " 99 Women" November 27, 2015
2 SPECIAL REQUEST SPRAYING means the application of mosquito control chemicals in specific areas and designated times as requested by the City and provided by the
A GUEST was stunned when a five-star hotel met his special request - for a portrait of a sitcom star by his bedside.
He said former World Champion Qamar Zaman has been requested to monitor the trials along with two academy coaches Pervez Ali and Shehzad Mohib while special request has also been made to squash wizard Jansher Khan to grace the occasion as chief guest.
A SPECIAL request added a song to the running order at a Marske Fishermen's Choir concert.
A special child with a special request, Michio said: "Like other sons, I too want to do something and be of some support to my parents.
Viewers can earn PS1,000 if they're featured, and you can take part in making a film at the panel's special request.
Speaking on the occasion, Hajj and Auqaf Director Maulvi Izharuddin said the mosque had been built at a special request from the governor.

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