Special request

SPECIAL REQUEST. One actually made, at a particular time and place; this term is used in contradistinction to a general request, which need not state. the time when, nor place where made. 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2843.

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At the special request of Agnes, the members of the family were the only persons present at the ceremony.
Pendleton sent a special request for you to go to see him this afternoon, SURE.
Lady Lydiard, invited at Miss Pink's special request, sent no reply.
But when I know that it was by your special request, of course I must take his eulogy with a grain of salt.
Hattersley and, at my special request, his wife and child.
We were able to transform the school yard into a learning arboretum that students and neighbors can use to learn about tree varieties, said DIG Mazhar Nawaz special request to the puublic, who volunteer's to plant trees despite having a every were.
Hamid Hameed after special request by the Commissioner Sargodha Nadeem Mehboob.
Original calculation on special request the trgs 521 or trg 519 certification must be provided on special request.
I made a special request that the security of our children be intensified,' Paolo said.
Marcotte said the unit was designed in response to a client's special request.
The southeast states' customers, from Virginia to Florida, are the most likely to send us a special request to "avoid pink" knickers.
Gary's not bleating about grub or the price PAGES 06&07 FREE EVERY WEEK IN THE RECORD Real life The girl squeezing a lifetime of dreams into time she has left PAGES 10&11 Host with the toast PAGES 04&05 Eurovision commentator Graham Norton has a very special request for everyone to raise a glass to Sir Terry Wogan during song number nine tonight The best magazine on the market has celebrity interviews, real-life stories plus recipes, fashion and a brilliant TV guide

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