Special trust

SPECIAL TRUST. A special trust, is one where a trustee is interposed for the execution of some purpose particularly pointed out, and is not, as in the case of a simple trust, a mere passive depositary of the estate, but is required to exert himself actively in the execution of the settler's intention; as, where a conveyance is made to trustees upon trust to reconvey, or to sell for the payment of debts. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1896. See Trust.

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In this regard, it is advisable to create a special Trust Fund for the Aral Sea and the Aral Sea area under the aegis of UN, he added.
Rodriguez, a former BI Commissioner, said that under the present system, collections from the agency's express lane fees, which are deposited in the Special Trust Fund, is the only source of money to pay the salaries of confidential agents and overtime services of all BI personnel.
I think, time be spent on orientating young nurses, male and female on the noble mission and the special trust they are responsible for which is to put human wellbeing and life first.
THE wife of Keighley player Danny Jones, who died of a rare heart condition while playing for the Cougars in their Championship I game at London Skolars on Sunday, May 3, has requested that all monies raised for the family be put into a special trust fund for their five-monthold twins - Phoebe and Bobby.
This is a policy set up by an employer in a special trust for the benefit of the employee's family.
In one decision, a federal court ordered the government to create a special trust (fideicomiso) for the project.
The Supply Corps must maintain a special trust with the line as we manage all facets of contracts, logistics, and financial management to ensure the proper supplies and services are delivered on time, at the right cost, and meet all operational requirements and performance standards.
Be eligible to hold S corp stock by meeting special trust rules.
4 million) to the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Special Trust Fund for the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons.
The law requires attorneys acting as title agents or real estate settlement agents to deposit client funds for those transactions in a special trust account and allow title insurers to audit that account "unless maintaining funds in the separate account for a particular client would violate applicable rules of The Florida Bar.
5 THE team behind the programme will be donating a percentage of the profits from this series to a special trust fund set up to benefit the Port Isaac community.
8 million already put into a special trust for them.

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