Special verdict

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special verdict

n. the jury's decisions or findings of fact with the application of the law to those facts left up to the judge, who will then render the final verdict. This type of limited verdict is used when the legal issues to be applied are complex or require difficult computation.

SPECIAL VERDICT, practice. A special verdict is one by which the facts of the case are put on the record, and the law is submitted to the judges. Vide Verdict; Bac. Ab. Verdict, D.

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the reliance on special verdict forms introduces a further ambiguity;
1] In deciding this case, it is your duty as jurors to decide the issues, and only those issues, that I submit for your determination at the end of the case and to answer certain questions I will ask you to answer on a special form, called a special verdict.
12) In contrast to a general verdict, a special verdict asks the jury to pronounce on the facts of the case and nothing more.
78) Rule 49, however, grants the trial judge not only complete discretion over whether to use a special verdict or a general verdict with written interrogatories as opposed to a traditional general verdict in the first place, but also considerable latitude in determining how to implement the interrogatories.
The Special Verdict Form, in relevant part, asked whether the jury found by clear and convincing evidence that "the conduct of Tom Leykis and/or Westwood One (or its employees or agents) was outrageous and thus subject to an award of punitive damages[.
111) Furthermore, at the close of the case, the judge instructs the jury on the applicable law, (112) and the jury verdict, which cannot be a special verdict, must be unanimous.
T]he rendition by a jury of a special verdict that would answer a number of questions bearing, perhaps decisively, on whether the defendants are negligent under either of the [plaintiffs' theories].
Maguire's failure to request a special verdict as to each factual theory in the case prevents him from pressing [the Baldwin] argument on appeal.
The Court's opinion, he said, "recognizes that when the jury, through a special verdict form or in response to written interrogatories, makes findings of fact that support the punitive damages award, those findings are binding on the appellate court under the Seventh Amendment's right to trial by jury.
In a special verdict, the jury assessed a royalty against Catalina of $660,000 for infringement of Lamps Plus' utility patent 141 and damages of $275,194 for infringement of Lamp Plus' design patent 904, according to the documents.
Warners' statement refers to a lengthy special verdict form the jurors filled out during deliberations.

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