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In addition, the company has developed lexical acquisition technology to extract terminology automatically from business meeting materials containing specialized terminology vital to interpretation, in order to prevent speech recognition and translation accuracy from worsening due to the occurrence of unknown vocabulary items.
Its purpose is to lead the reader around the AI hype and hoopla, past the impenetrable bog of specialized terminology and the deep pit of unnecessary detail, to a basic understanding of AI's capabilities and limitations; as well as an appreciation for the reasons why AI researchers are starting to raise concerns about the current trajectory of AI development.
From a language perspective, KL Translation agency will use translators familiar with your industry to ensure correct use of specialized terminology.
Vocabulary needs to be built of high frequency words, specialized terminology and embellishments.
Crosby's presentation was the ease with which she navigated, and guided her audience through, the specialized terminology, particularly the daunting collection of acronyms, that her topic requires.
The CLREC team was able to coordinate accurate translations of technical, specialized terminology tailored specifically to JIATF's training mission," Wise said.
For the most part Professor Neyrey confirms common assessments of themes, characters, and dynamics of the Fourth Gospel by expressing them in the specialized terminology and categories of classical rhetoric and cultural anthropology Yet the book is sprinkled with surprising assertions, e.
These chapters are written in great detail to explain various aspects of insect/pest control, which also contain quite a bit of specialized terminology, and acronyms such as "PBLEs", "pro-PAP-3", and "V421M mutation" might overwhelm the average Lepidoptera enthusiast.
and more technical sections containing specialized terminology and coding examples ("Similar to pseudocode, JSON is built on the idea of name/value pairs that are often recognized arrays or lists of data.
The seminar addressed the definition of the specialized terminology and explanation of the methodology followed in compiling the consumer price index (CPI) and the building materials index, along with a discussion of the concept of CPI, calculation of the inflation rate and monthly CPIAEs for 2009, the building materials index compilation methodology and results for 2009, followed by an overview of SCADAEs future plans in this regard.
Specialized terminology, mathematical equations, and chemical notations are absent, even though a discussion of the relevant concepts is present.
Economics is a vast topic that can easily overwhelm uninitiated readers simply with the volume of specialized terminology and statistical information.
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