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The university spokeswoman added: "The current planning application represents a significant intensification of speedway racing in the greyhound stadium.
We can't wait to put on a show for the fans of sidecar speedway racing and hope to attract even more, non-sidecar racing fans too.
The milestone event exemplifies the growth in popularity to the sport of NASCAR and NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway Racing Centers, which opened its first site in 1997 and now has 14 across the country.
If speedway racing is allowed people are going to be deprived of their pleasure enjoying this land - speedway followers don't even live around here.
I am not against speedway as such, but this particular site will be totally unsuitable for speedway racing.
Now, through the magic of state-of-the-art computer simulation, race fans can race on Bristol at NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway Racing Center locations throughout America.
Councillors meet tomorrow to discuss the latest application to bring speedway racing to Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium, in Aldridge Road.
A FRESH bid to bring speedway racing to north Birmingham will be presented to the city council this week.
The economic and social benefits of having speedway racing at Perry Barr far outweighs any exaggerated noise issues.
Donaldson announced today that racing enthusiasts have logged more than 72 million miles of simulated NASCAR racing at NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway racing centers, a distance equal to circling the earth 3000 times.
Where: NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway racing center at Universal Studios CityWalk, located next to Sam Goody's.
Freddie Williams, a son of Port Talbot was the champ in question who only two years earlier had begun speedway racing as a novice.