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In fact several of those questioned explained that their personal spending power had decreased with the advent of the euro.
Based on their numbers alone, Echo Boomer's sheer spending power will be unrivaled in American History.
The author examines the spending power primarily in Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and the European Union, with briefer analyses of Austria, Belgium, India, Malaysia, and Spain as well.
This squeeze on spending power, together with the impact on property transactions of the stamp duty changes in 2016 now being realised, along with affordability concerns, appear to have contributed to weaker housing demand.
Despite the general increase in spending power, the rise of just over 5% over the past year is the weakest rate of growth seen since October 2014.
So, callow as we were, we understood perfectly the distinction between grant funding and spending power - unlike the sections of our media who parroted not the settlement's actual words and true meaning, but ministers' political message.
HARDLY an issue of the Coventry Telegraph is printed without a letter from a reader claiming that retail giants are lying in wait to fleece the good citizens of their vast spending power.
FAMILIES are feeling the biggest squeeze on their spending power in more than a year, a study showed yesterday.
SPENDING power in the UK improved slightly between April and June, according to a report, but consumers still fear for the state of their finances.
Over two years, Surrey's spending power will go from pounds 826.
By 2008, African Americans are expected to account for 61 percent of minority spending power not including Latinos, accounting for $921 billion in spending power.
Activity may pick up again later next year, boosted by the introduction of Euro coins and notes, as well as the increase in spending power coming from lower inflation and the easing in monetary and fiscal policy.