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SPERATE. That of which there is hope.
     2. In the accounts of an executor and the inventory of the personal assets, he should distinguish between those assets which are sperate, and those which are desperate; he will be prima facie responsible for the former, and discharged for the latter. 1 Chit. Pr. 520; 2 Williams Ex. 644; Toll. Ex. 248. See Desperate.

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1, by cd, we can sperate the traffic network(see fig 4.
Featuring more than 800 sperate entries organized in an A-Z format, The Arabian Nights Encyclopedia is a seminal, core, essential, informed and informative contribution to personal, professional, academic, and community library Literary Studies, Folklore Studies, and Islamic Cultural Studies reference collections and resource holdings.
An older "rich kid" audiophile friend of mine convinced his parents they should construct a waist-high concrete block (in the basement) on which to mount a second turntable; he later tried to convince them of building a sperate but attached room in which to place the woofer; his father wavered but his mother drew the line with a resounding, "Not while I'm alive
He might be right, but often these activists had separate agendas, which were based on their sperate movements.
Tenders are invited for Energy Effcient Light Fitting With Energy Efficient Lamp 4X24 Watts Day Light Provided With 4 Sperate Control Gear For Each Tube With Aluminimum Body.
is thing to do Mel belts out it's t break' nis s an from sperate for Cry Baby by Janis Joplin and gets standing ovation the judges desperate some talent at the Glasgow auditions.
the last levised the 51 sperate e world lost to in s Taylor said: "Nobody can beat me - only myself.
The other two bedrooms are also bright and spacious while the sperate large garage has electricity and an attic space.
Contract notice: Reliance in concession for three years of service management of childhood nest of ownership ~of the city of san sperate.