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Chaucer chose the spear as Death's weapon when describing him in the Pardoner's Tale as a "privee theef": "And with his spere he smoot his herte atwo.
Polzin, with West One colleagues Durkin and Spere, wanted to open with enough employees that the bank could grow fast, and they needed to buy a lot of technology.
Wyth spete of spere to pe I spynne, Goddys lawys to pe I lerne.
The Great Hall has a glorious timbered roof, spere truss and intermediate roof trusses supported on massive corbels, which sit on a cross rail, together with wall plates decorated with battlementing.
Sire, sen pou with wrong so me wreyes, Go spere thame that herde of my spekyng.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Spere For Seal Water Pump For Ntpc Kahalgaon.
Sende da se saerinc superne gar, paet gewundod weard wigena hlaford; he sceaf pa mid dam scylde, paet se sceaft tobaerst, and paet spere sprengde, paet hit sprang ongean.
Of early cruck construction, its spere truss is still complete and there is still evidence of the original hall that once formed the main body of the building.
Thurgh me men goon," thanne spak that other side, "Unto the mortal strokes of the spere Of which Desdain and Daunger is the gide, That nevere yit shal fruit ne leves bere; This streem you ledeth to the sorweful were Ther as the fissh in prison is al drye: Th'eschewing is only the remedye.
Spere, has been the Bank's President and Chief Credit Officer since inception.