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Spheroid organization kinetics of H35 rat hepatoma model cell system on elastin-like polypeptide-polyethyleneimine copolymer substrates.
sphere, spheroid or triaxial ellipsoid as the special subset of more general manifolds.
For spherical particles (A = C) we get S = 0, more elongated spheroids lead to larger value of S.
2 Covariant metric tensor exterior to a massive homogeneous oblate spheroid
These stem/progenitor cells are in vivo expanded as multicellular spheroids called mammospheres.
Two hypotheses have been proposed: 1) vascular damage with resultant blood--brain barrier breakdown and consequent ischaemia, resulting in oligodendroglial and axonal damage, including spheroid formation, and widespread loss of axons and myelin sheaths; and 2) abnormalities of systemic lipid metabolism, resulting in breakdown of the myelin sheaths.
The shapes were characterized as spherical, prolate and oblate spheroids, tear drops, peanut, and doughnut shapes.
They discovered that zinc sulfide nanoparticles "were being scooped up and glommed together into spheroids," he says.
The PC particles are regular spheroids and undeformed by shear flow, which is the difference between HVPC/HDPE and LVPC/HDPE blends at position B.
For example, spheroids, which form during solidification of metal micro-drops, contain in addition to the base elements (molybdenum, yttrium, zirconium) carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and fluorine.
Also described are methods for genetically altering the bone cell spheroids to affect bone formation, identification of candidate modulators of bone formation, and identification of genes involved in bone formation.