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The spheroid in a 3D system contains inner dead cells and living cells in the outer layers.
Data for untreated spheroids of the same cell line is given in Carlsson et al.
Mockros, "The Stokes-flow drag on prolate and oblate spheroids during axial translatory accelerations," Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol.
Analysis of the spheroid size and calculation of the spheroid number were performed as described previously by Hu et al.
Based on an improved, streamlined method for producing iPSCs, Pasca's team's cortex-like spheroids harbor healthier neurons supported by a more naturalistic network of supporting glial cells, resulting in more functional neural connections and circuitry.
A surface-tethered spheroid model for functional evaluation of 3T3-L1 adipocytes.
These spheroids increased in size and compactness with time, and were harvested in 5 days for our experiments.
CytoCapture LCA H-250-100 and S-500-100: Cellular spheroid creation, cultivation, and high resolution analysis
We have to show that y is homotopic in G relatively to A to an (n + 1) - spheroid m e [[OMEGA].
In our recent papers [24,25], a great effort has been made to examine Gaussian beam scattering by a coated spheroid.
These 4 types of prolate spheroids have different ratios of the axis of revolution to the equatorial axis, ranging from 1 to 2, which were chosen by considering the dimensions of a sperm head (about 2.
We found that the valve-based printing is gentle enough to maintain high stem cell viability, accurate enough to produce spheroids of uniform size, and, most importantly, the printed hESCs maintained their pluripotency -- the ability to be differentiated into any other cell type.