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Companies such as CI Host protect against spim by steering away from the popular IM applications of Yahoo
In SPIM, pivoting of the light sheet by a resonant mirror (at 1 kHz) removes some of the artifacts such as shadowing and stripes along the excitation path (Huisken and Stainier.
LETI / DTSI / SPIM / LO2P wants to improve the input management and output cleanroom technology platform silicon and associated batch tools (FOUP, FOSB, boxes, baskets .
Contact point: SPIM Societ per il Patrimonio Immobiliare SpA
Contract award: CJ-10-14-MS&LS-SPIM-RC Dual Beam SPIM Microscope System.
the resolution is not limited by the miniaturisation of an electrode or transistor array, and LAPS and SPIM measurements can be performed with high sensitivity due to the use of an organic monolayer as the insulator.