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The second spin-out will introduce the Active Protection System (APS) and Manned Ground Vehicle Mast Mounted Sensor.
Also, governmental support to promotion of entrepreneurship, particularly through mechanisms such as university spin-out is needed.
Mr Baines, who was founder of the Growing Business Centre at Nottingham Business School, added: "Technology transfer into university spin-outs is set to become a very important contributor to universities' income streams and a most profitable way to exploit their huge bank of intellectual property.
A spin-out from Aston University's School of Optometry, an international leader in optometry research and professional training, Aston EyeTech is targeting optical retailers in the UK and overseas, clinical trials organisations, domiciliary service providers and the NHS.
The New Venture Partners team has completed over 60 spinouts from the R&D labs and business units of global technology corporations including Lucent/Bell Labs, British Telecom, Philips Electronics, Boeing, Intel, Telstra, Freescale, General Electric, Maxim, Unilever, and others, and has become the benchmark for corporate spin-out venturing.
Mr Greenaway will discus the current market and prospects for investors in university spin-outs and will provide examples by discussing deals he has advised on, such as the seven-figure equity investment into gas and ion spectrometer technology company Imspex Diagnostics; the multimillion-pound disposal of Biotec Services International, a temperature-specific clinical trials storage business to PCI Group (US); the multimillion-pound AIM Placing for smart lighting technology business Photonstar LED Group PlC and Oxford University: Department of Materials/ISIS spin-out for carbon nanomaterial fullerene manufacturer Designer Carbon Materials.
For example, the work done by Professor Dimmock at the University of Warwick through spin-out company Viru-biotech to develop an anti-flu virus has enormous potential in combating Avian Flu and other influenza strains.
Spin-out companies are set up to exploit intellectual property arising from universities and other institutions which then move on to be viable commercial entities.
Dr Porfyakis added: "We have worked closely with Greenaway Scott on setting up our spin-out from the University of Oxford and we have been deeply impressed with the team's work ethos, integrity and effi-ciency.
5m in licensing income and an estimated 994 new jobs in its region via active spin-outs.
WatStech was the University's first spin-out company and is part-owned by a group of academics including Dr Kally Kaur, Dr Lynsey Melville and Jon Allen.
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