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Pain, quality of life, and spinal accessory nerve status after neck dissection.
25), it was found that the upper segment of the trapezius muscle is innervated by a fine single branch arising from the spinal accessory nerve in the posterior triangle of the neck.
Anomalous relationship of the spinal accessory nerve to the internal jugular vein.
In particular, can the surgeon avoid dissection of levels II-B and V-A to avoid dissection of the spinal accessory nerve, yet still provide an oncologically sound clearance of occult cervical metastatic disease?
However, information is limited on electrophysiologic monitoring of the spinal accessory nerve (SAN) during modified radical neck dissection.
Hatcher-Murphy Disorder (HMD) is a manifestation or dysfunction of the tissues involving the brainstem and the spinal accessory nerve or cranial nerve 11.