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Spinal manipulation (SMT), a technique used by chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths and some medical doctors, is used to improve the range of motion of the joints in the spine.
Spinal manipulation was not demonstrably better than home exercises with advice.
Research suggests that spinal manipulation can provide mild to moderate relief from low back pain and that it appears to be as effective as conventional treatments.
Fifty-five (42%) participants had previously experienced at least one of the five interventions for low back pain, exercise being the most commonly experienced (22%), followed by spinal manipulation (20%), local heat (18%), massage (15%), and ultrasound (8%).
A Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine study concluded that spinal manipulation - commonly used by chiropractors across the UK - should not routinely be done on patients.
2) In a review of the literature, Haldeman et al (2) found that of all the reported incidents of vertebral artery dissection, occlusion, or both identified from 1966 to 1993, 30% were associated with cervical spinal manipulation.
Spinal manipulation practised by osteopaths and chiropractors for symptoms such as back and neck pain is of little help, a review of research has claimed.
5bn could be achieved by offering spinal manipulation therapies, such as chiropractic, as a standard NHS option for back pain.
A witness for the Chiropractic Board, Edward Brian Ashton of Maryland who is a licensed physical therapist and holds a doctor of chiropractic degree, said when a person hears a pop or a crack in his back, it is considered a spinal manipulation.
A short course of spinal manipulation (from a chiropractor) can be helpful for some people with new low back pain.