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The clockwise to counterclockwise average angular displacement ratio of the L spinal segments was 0.
Myelopathy is associated with MRI-de-tected spinal cord lesions longer than three spinal segments and primarily involving the central part of the spinal cord on axial sections.
The possibility of established a dynamic transpedicular system to adapt to changes in the size of the stabilized spinal segments, resulting from, for example, the growth of the spine in patients of child and teenage years, achieved due to the possibility of translational movement along the sleeve screw within the length of the slot through which the contacted pair "sleeve-screw".
Input to the spinal cord from the implants arrived at the same spinal segments as those receiving input from the ureter, bladder and vagina.
The key is to reduce the compression of the spinal segments.
The effect of spinal cord injury on sexual response is generally discussed based upon the degree of completeness or incompleteness of the patient's injury and whether the neurologic damage affecting the individual's sacral spinal segments is an upper or lower motor neuron injury.
market release of the uCentum Comprehensive Posterior System for open and minimally invasive (MIS) surgical approaches which is intended to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments as an adjunct to fusion of the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine (T1-S2).