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After obtaining permission from the institutional ethical committee, 140 traumatic SCI patients, aged 12 and above of both genders who were out of spinal shock, both from indoor and outdoor departments of AFIRM during the study period were included, through non-probability purposive sampling, who had willingly accepted to participate in the study.
Patients with the following characteristics were not included in the study: present spinal shock period; pervious urodynamic study; previous LUT dysfunction; neurogenic bladder due to other causes (diabetes mellitus, previous stroke or brain injury, other neurologic diseases etc.
He said I had landed on my head, which had been pushed down, and that's how I got spinal shock.
When I first woke up in hospital I was told that after any traumatic back injury it is common to suffer spinal shock, and that it could be my spinal cord was undamaged.
There is often reluctance to intubate these patients due to perceived poor prognosis, but it should be remembered that in the early phase of spinal shock, there is cord swelling or spinal shock and once this resolves there may be a dramatic improvement.
A bullet delivering spinal shock might have struck a spinal process--those bones protruding topside to secure the muscles we call backstrap.
I was worried, but I still hoped it might just be a case of spinal shock but as it turned out, the gravel rashes on my legs were the very least of my injuries.
A cut to the neck possibly sent him into spinal shock, incapacitating him, then the fatal wounds.
Mr Parry said: "He has spinal shock and we don't know yet how it has affected him.
Neurogenic shock is characterized by changes in blood pressure and HR (autonomic) control following SCI [4,6,8], whereas spinal shock is characterized by a marked reduction or complete loss of motor and reflex function below the injury level [16].