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According to DTI, only six brands of composition, writing and spiral notebooks, pad papers for Grades 1 to 4, intermediate pad paper, and ball pen had an increment of prices by 2.
The preschool had a big spiral notebook with a Velcro strip across the front.
You can see it plainly at the opening of the 1987 film of Spalding Gray's groundbreaking solo show Swimming to Cambodia: The late monologist walks onstage at New York City's Performing Garage and places a small spiral notebook and pen next to his ever-present microphone and glass of water.
He's not trying to make the official world-record books; rather he makes up his own record-breaking stunts and records them in a spiral notebook he hides under his bed.
Spiral notebook and mechanical pencil (writes in any position or weather and needs no sharpening).
Put a spiral notebook in your purse or pocket to capture your collection of ideas for later discovery.
I'm sure Duke has data for this type load in that weathered spiral notebook of his.
She curled there with two stuffed ponies and a unicorn, the pink flannel pajamas that say Daddy's Girl, and the secret purple spiral notebook that is identical to the one the daughter keeps in the city.
I clutch the writing board over my lap press my palm into the metal bite of the spiral notebook stare at the back of the seat in front of me listen to us breathe listen to us breathe listen to us breathe
kits that include a field book or spiral notebook, all-weather pen and a Cordura[R] book cover with zipper.
A small business should have a spiral notebook for employees to make note of customer requests and problems.
In the hymnal holder on the back of the pew in front of me, someone had left a folded piece of paper torn from a spiral notebook.