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The retail package comes with a Cambridge spiral notebook with preprinted sheets for creating notes, to-dos, calendar entries, and e-mail messages.
Whether using an online resource or keeping tab of tasks in a spiral notebook, managing a to-do list can help you maximize your time and sleep better.
Louise Goffin, one of his daughters, said her dad "wore his heart on his sleeve, and I am deeply blessed to have had a father who could so easily make the world laugh and cry with just a spiral notebook and a pen.
His spiral notebook of rap lyrics depicts McGhee as a 21st century American psychopath, devoid of conscience, who used the Atwater Village area as an urban killing field.
Clients are required to keep track of every penny they spend in a spiral notebook.
He offers this advice for consumers who are starting to save: "For two weeks, I would like for you to walk around with a little spiral notebook that will fit in your pocket or purse.
Instead, I use a five-subject spiral notebook with wide ruled lines and many cheap ballpoint pens.
When I was eight years old, I got a spiral notebook and wrote my first poem/rap.
Days later, Rather was among the first people to see film of the assassination taken by Abraham Zapruder and he later described it live on CBS, reading from a spiral notebook what it captured of the president and first lady at the moment of impact.
You can do that with a smart phone or iPad very easily, or a simple spiral notebook in your shirt pocket.
Lederman's strategy for watching a telecast fight is to sit with a simple spiral notebook at ringside, take off his headset and watch everything in full concentration.
I know that two pages of nonstop writing in my spiral notebook always equals 10 minutes.