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The map I created was accompanied by two spiral-bound notebooks created using the Tiger Software Suite and embosser by View-Plus (technology that allows a user to emboss images as presented on the computer screen, including braille and interlined print or graphics when using a print-capable embosser).
Similar in size to a spiral-bound notebook, the new model has a 12.
They wanted to use it to do something realty special for the faculty, so they put together elaborate carts for each college, packed with the very latest in display gadgetry, and accompanied by a lovely spiral-bound notebook containing all the documentation, They waited for the thanks and the pats on the back they knew would be forthcoming.
Scribbled on a spiral-bound notebook, it was unsigned and unfinished.
To encourage staff to write down any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions they come up with, give each person a pocket-size, spiral-bound notebook during staff orientation.
The CD-ROM displays a spiral-bound notebook on the screen, with tabs down the right-hand side marking the different chapters in the planning process.
This small spiral-bound notebook of psalms, blessings, amens and illustrations could be a guidebook and a simple pamphlet of maps for the inner geography of the soul.