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Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine if attachment to church congregation could explain a portion of the variance in negative affect, positive affect, satisfaction with life, and daily spiritual experiences, beyond that explained by religious social support and perceived social support.
By limiting spiritual experiences to somber emotions or existential crises, it creates an unnecessary association between "spirituality" and "serious/sad films," the inclusion of Wes Anderson's quirky films notwithstanding.
Holotropic breathwork, for example, may be just what is needed for a person having an ongoing spiritual experience or emergency mimicking psychosis.
The Biology of Spiritual Experience is a survey of the diverse array of human spiritual experience viewed in the light of advances in cognitive neuroscience.
Some carry a small bottle of Zamzam water back to their relatives, but all carry within the spiritual experience of a lifetime.
Factor analysis of data from 148 respondents in Veach and Chappel's study resulted in four subscales for the measure: Personal Spiritual Experience (eigenvalue = 7.
So to be here now and to see it is a very emotional and spiritual experience.
Bob, AA's founders, recognized early on that drug and alcohol addiction often bring a person to openness to spiritual experience.
Roger Foster argues that Adorno's critique of modernity seeks "a recovery of spiritual experience.
And for those wanting to escape the city and retreat into the desert for a spiritual experience Bab Al Shams provides the ideal get-away and an atmosphere ideally suited to Ramadan, with views to boot.
The journey of pregnancy and childbirth is a roller coaster of emotions in itself- "Birthed in Prayer: Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey" is a handbook for those who want to manage it as a more spiritual experience, in caring for their own soul as well as their yet to be born child's.
It's a whole spiritual experience for me," said Sister Mary John Mananzan, head of the AMRSP.