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Splenic infarction as a cause of acute abdominal pain in nephrotic syndrome.
Emergency physicians should keep in mind that chest pain originating in the left thorax and radiating to the left shoulder can be a sign of splenic infarction.
What could have possibly led to splenic infarction in this patient is sudden enlargement of the spleen in response to overwhelming infection with subsequent hypoxic injury.
There have been no previous reports of splenic infarction as a cause of hyperamylasaemia.
Also, malarial prophylaxis and other control measures such as penicillin prophylaxis for children, pneumococcal immunization (infection control) and more recently, the institution of Hydroxyurea therapy to induce the increase in foetal hemoglobin have contributed to reducing the chronic hemolytic and vaso-occlusive episodes; consequently reducing splenic infarction and therefore reducing autosplenectomy.
Additionally our patient experienced splenic infarction and intracranial hemorrhage during the course of the disease.
We present a rare case report of volvulus of wandering spleen with splenic infarction and laceration after trivial trauma.
There were 11 of 285 cases treated with intervention, which showed mild to moderate partial splenic infarction with abdominal pain and low fever and improved after conservative treatment.
Cerebral stroke, portal vein embolization, splenic infarction, coronary embolism, and nonfatal pulmonary emboli in 4.
One of them presented with splenic infarction, which is a rare manifestation of this hypercoagulable state: only one case, has so far been reported in the medical literature.
Only 9 documented cases of splenic infarction associated with malaria have been reported (3), all consequent to P.