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Spontaneous splenic rupture is a known rare complication of P.
Disseminated infection with Bartonella henselae as a cause of spontaneous splenic rupture.
Splenosis is a benign condition that occurs after splenic rupture via trauma or surgery.
Abdominal pain is rare in the presence of splenomegaly, so its onset should alert the clinician to the possibility of splenic rupture, as it did in our case.
To date there has been few reported cases of splenic rupture following the administration of thrombolytic agents(5-8).
As a result, splenic rupture may be missed or diagnosed late.
Splenic rupture following infarction has not yet been described.
Rare complications following colonoscopy: case reports of splenic rupture and appendicitis.
There are many causes of abdominal pain in malaria like acalculous cholecystitis, acute surgical abdomen, splenic rupture, splenic infarction, and hepatitis/hepatomegaly (2).
Various forms of splenic involvement have been described in MCL, including spontaneous (pathologic) splenic rupture and splenic involvement by the blastic MCL, which mimicks the splenic marginal zone lymphoma.
She was resuscitated and rushed to the OR with concern for splenic rupture.