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Many London spoken word artists adopt a uniform style of twisting their middle class vowels into ghetto ones and drawing big gaspy breaths between sentences like drowning goldfish.
Also performing on Friday are spoken word artists Curtis Watt, Nikki Blaze and internationally acclaimed dub poet Levi Tafari, who is also judging the contest.
Desdemona, three time winner of the Minnesota Music Award for Best Spoken Word Artist, has put out a new full-length disc that serves up a beautiful jazz and boom-bap laden soundscape detailing her personal and artistic journeys through poetry.
In this issue, we continue our focus on the era of the spoken word artist through the Def Jam generation, in feature articles and an expanded poetry review section.
The character of Mace Griffin is being brought to life by hard rock front man, actor and spoken word artist, Henry Rollins.
HUDDERSFIELD spoken word artist Shuffls (above) shares his essential plays.
The Spalding Suite was conceived by spoken word artist Inua Ellams, while its cast includes UK Beatbox champion MC Zani.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This Earth Day, activist and spoken word artist Prince Ea launched his newest online video entitled "Dear Future Generations: Sorry" to motivate young citizens to take immediate action to stop climate change by protecting threatened forests through the Stand for Trees campaign.
Lonely Girl Dreams,'' the 2014 album from Worcester rapper and spoken word artist Ashley Deyj, is a bracing explosion of sharp-edged hip-hop and R&B-informed grooves.
In his younger days he gained a lot of recognition as a spoken word artist, with his keen political and social observations.
She describes herself as a "spoken word artist and poet", explaining: "Poetry is on the page but as a spoken word artist you bring that poem to life.