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Police seized an audio device used to lure birds and a spot light from the car.
For her part, Director of Child Department at Culture Ministry Malak Yasseen said that this celebration was considered as a spot light to full children hearts with happiness.
It also has space for a cooker, a stainless steel sink unit, spot light fittings, and a gas boiler.
They can be grown in pots on the patio, combined with winter-flowering heathers and creeping conifers to make a colourful patchwork quilt in lime-free soils, or put in the spot light as the star performer of a mixed-shrub border during late May and early June.
Wavien is also introducing an advanced RLT "Ultra-Narrow" spot light that has a beam distance that is 5 times the leading competitor, using a simple LED design.
George should be allowed to learn his trade away from the spot light.
innovator of SynJet([R]) active thermal management solutions, today announced the general availability in EMEA of the SynJet Spot Light Cooler.
has developed a hard-edge LED spot light (TruSpot (TM)) with a standard medium base socket, which produces a distinctively clean and sharp edge profile using Wavien's proprietary Recycling Light Technology (RLT (TM)).
SPOT LIGHT Light up a dark corner with this cheap and cheerful Issjo table lamp from Ikea.
A new product utilizing the advanced SynJet engine is the Nuventix Spot Light Cooler, also announced today from Light+Building.
is applying the Recycling Light Technology (RLT) used for LEDs to plasma lamps for spot light applications and demonstrated an increase of over 80% in brightness of the system.