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The colposcopic examination was completed as usual, except that images were focused and captured throughout the examination to document the visualization of the entire squamocolumnar junction (SCJ), transformation zone, and any visible lesions in the anogenital area.
5 cm proximal to anorectal squamocolumnar junction, should measure at least 3 mm, and should include at least one-third of the submucosa.
A satisfactory colposcopy implies visualization of the entire squamocolumnar junction, he said.
First, the cervical ectropion in pregnancy facilitates complete visualization of the squamocolumnar junction, transformation zone, and lesion margins.
As the Table 1 suggests, out of 834, squamocolumnar junction was fully visualized in 817 women i.
The mucosal EGJ in a healthy person overlaps with the squamocolumnar junction (SCJ) (Figure 1), but the SCJ in patients with a hiatal hernia is frequently displaced proximally, to various degrees, away from the mucosal EGJ (Figure 2).
The opposing view holds that squamous dysplasia arises at the squamocolumnar junction and does not "skip" over apparently normal endocervical tissue to restart de novo within the canal.