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An individual who settles on the land of another person without any legal authority to do so, or without acquiring a legal title.

In the past, the term squatter specifically applied to an individual who settled on public land. Currently it is used interchangeably with intruder and trespasser.

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see SQUAT.

SQUATTER. One who settles on the lands of others without any legal authority; this term is applied particularly to persons who settle on the public land. 3 Mart. N. S. 293.

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Emboldened by the soft treatment of squatters by the private and public sector, including the church, which even branded squatter colonies as developing communities, squatting has become a problem that needs to be addressed comprehensively at its social, economic and moral aspects.
Squatters secretary Jamal Kombo urged the government to stop the harassment.
The existence and continued growth of squatter communities have led to the ever-present sight of other indicators of poverty.
He said this ruling prevented the squatters from establishing a settlement outpost they had named Etam that was eventually going to be included within Ifrat settlement boundaries.
Most of the squatters were Eritreans who had been granted asylum.
Clearly, the application of the principle of pari delicto to a case of ejectment between squatters is fraught with danger.
Both participatory accounts and sociological studies suggest a false dichotomy between deprivation squatters and political squatters.
S'appuyant sur des archives et des entretiens menes dans les zones informelles d'Atteridgeville, dans le Gauteng, Particle montre comment la lutte pour une citoyennete egale se nourrit d'experiences partagees de difficulte du quotidien et de participation a 1'action collective, provoquant une distance sociale entre les squatters locaux engages dans la lutte politique et les nouveaux venus etrangers qui y sont indifferents.
In Lacson's time squatters were prevented from building shanties/lean-tos/barong-barong near the Pasig, creeks, breakwater, and Intramuros.
Therefore we came to this Marichchikattu which is our original and traditional place of residence only to find our lands were declared as some form of a "reserved forest area" which clearly is not the case" squatters said.
The internet is now littered with advice directing squatters on how to find a commercial abode.