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CORE VALUES Yoga postures and stability ball are a great workout for the whole body
He then instructed Mr Carneiro to pull the elastic bands to and away from himself while kneeling on a stability ball.
Regardless of the hand you use, working from a stability ball will be a workout for your back and abs.
Hold a pair of dumbbells (between 5-15kg depending on experience) and lie on your back on a stability ball so that your middle and upper back are firmly placed on it.
The stability ball is great because you can use it for a lot of exercises.
Replace a beanbag or old chair with a stability ball.
Group sessions using the stability ball and Pilate's technique are also provided.
Another inexpensive option is a stability ball, which helps tone your abdominal muscles.
A stability ball can also work wonders for every part of your body and it is very versatile.
Using a stability ball makes you use the proprioception and tilting reflexes of the body, too.
The lower-body drills I don't find too hard, but doing sit-ups on a stability ball is a lot tougher on the Pineapple than on a gym floor.

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