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Breeding sheep saw Texel ewes inlamb to pounds 98, pounds 90 for 1 crop from Stableyard Cottage who also sold 3 crop pounds 81, 4 crop pounds 63, pounds 56.
It's clear Miss Phillips has spent far too much time in the stableyard and should leave speech-making to others in future.
This was a showpiece house approaching perfection, never mind its 248 acres, model stableyard, staff flats, lodges, bothy and stud buildings.
But if the former spread itself expansively over the site of a Victorian stableyard, the latter has been extracted from the smallest conceivable footprint of land - an empty parallelogram, 6m wide and 8m deep, at the end of a mews.
Oddly enough, one of the best smells in my garden is the load of well- rotted manure we load into the stableyard each winter.
Williamson Tunnels, The Old Stableyard, Smithdown Lane, Liverpool L7 3EE.
Erddig Hall closed after a tree fell and stableyard and footpaths were flooded.
TWO horses found dead after a stableyard burglary were poisoned by the thieves, police believe.
There's the formal gardens to walk around, a forested country park to explore (you can hire bikes on site), an old stableyard with the inevitable tearoom, visitor centre and a few shops selling arts, crafts and locally produced foods and the peace de resistance, an adventure playground the like of which we had never seen before.
But it might all be too much if one includes the 23,000 sq ft plus stableyard complex across the rear court, complete with its central clock tower and space for a mini hamlet of cottage conversions or company headquarters.
The builders' yard had been a stableyard, built in the 1880s over the old course of the Counties Creek river; today there is the regular subterranean rumble of the London Underground.