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Witness For the Prosecution started life as a short story before being turned into a 1953 stageplay by Christie, and later a Hollywood film starring Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Power.
And, given that this city never likes to let its past glories be forgotten (nor its miseries), it's little wonder that a successful stageplay should be borne out of the events of that night.
The website for the London stageplay is found at www.
Based on a stageplay, the story sees Viggo Mortensen play university professor John Halder who, after writing a book on euthanasia, is recruited by the National Socialists.
Adapt To - a single click now converts a fully formatted script of one type into a fully formatted script of another -- for example a Stageplay to a Screenplay -- displaying instantly the multi-media potential of your work.
The players earnestly enact their stageplay under this sign, losing themselves in their parts, as John of Salisbury says people do in their earthly roles.