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They've been away from the rock limelight for some time but it's been worth the wait as this track is proof that Staind still have what it takes to make damn fine music.
The album will hit shelves and digital retailers while the band is in the midst of its Mass Chaos Tour with Staind and Halestorm.
Staind has had long and considerable success as an angst-ridden sounding alternative metal band, and its hits include "It's Been Awhile.
In keeping with the "play it safe" nature of previous Staind albums, The Illusion of Progress is a predictable, soulless and deeply unedifying affair which features the kind of musicianship and aura that signalled the end of hair metal during the 1980s.
Contemplating the price of success and the sacrifices it involves, American post-grunge rockers Staind return to the airways with this bombastic anthem.
On Friday, the self-styled king of nu-metal trumpets those serious US types Staind - one of the biggest-selling acts of the 1990s - as they return to the scene with a vengeance.
Until now, Silverchair have been largely neglected by the Brits who have favoured the US rock sounds of Nickelback and Staind.
IT'S always fantastic to see a heavy rock band pull of a corker of a show without gimmicks or pretence - and Staind achieved that effortlessly.
Stone Temple Pilots, Staind, Linkin Park, Static X, Deadsy, 7 p.
After earning a Bachelor's Degree from Claremont McKenna College, Eric started in the music industry, assisting such bands as Korn, Staind and Linkin Park.
Aaron Lewis, singer and guitarist for the Springfield band Staind, will be special guest.
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