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The venerable Standard Industrial Classification system itself is being overtaken by structural changes of a different sort.
Using a revised Standard Industrial Classification listing for industry groups, the U.
Also, the principal business activity codes on the new form are based on the new North American Industry Classification System, which has replaced the Standard Industrial Classification system.
0 of SICbase, a free-text database containing the entire Standard Industrial Classification Manual.
and age, organizational form, standard industrial classification, location and number of offices, management, export sales, and the race, ethnicity, and sex of the firm's majority owners (table 1).
Clients can be targeted by size, standard industrial classification (SIC) code, location or some other criterion.
estimates for 1987, from the 1972 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) to the 1987 SIC.
To minimize these compliance burden, TEI recommended the adoption of a safe harbor under which an exchange of businesses within the same four-digit Industry Number of the Standard Industrial Classification System would not be subject to the multiple-asset exchange rules.
Most of the internal workings of jet engines, key automotive parts, elements of computers and electronics systems and even the delicate parts that hold rubber bands on teeth braces are investment castings list of products using investment castings encompasses nearly all of the main four dozen Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) numbers, a list that contains most of America's essential industries.
In addition, BLS now publishes productivity statistics for all of the industries in retail trade that are at the two-digit standard industrial classification (sic) level.
Taxpayers had to allocate income into specified product categories that are based on a two-digit Standard Industrial Classification System (SIC), and then match the related research expenses with that income.

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