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1-7) contains a statement of estimated revenues and visitations for the proposed casino, but in this case there is absolutely no discussion of inputs and methodology in what appears to be a standard gravity model and thus decision-makers and the general public are left to take its findings on trust and good faith in what is inevitably a highly charged and politicized public debate.
The standard gravity model postulates that the trade between member countries is proportional to the national income and inversely related to the distance which is a proxy for transportation cost and information cost because these costs are reduced as geographical distances decrease.
They offer much greater flexibility than standard gravity conveyors that come in long "sticks" that can't be modified.
The main mill process is a standard gravity flotation concentration and will operate year round at 20,000 tonnes annually.
Because of the differential relationship between the work with respect to gravity and kinetic energy as identified in this study, typical standard gravity correction methods applied during eccentric conditions may overestimate the effect of gravity on the limb-lever system, especially at higher angular velocities.
Last November it also opened an office in Trinidad & Tobago to market the suction sewage system, which reportedly costs 50% less than the standard gravity system.
Linneman (1966) showed how standard gravity equation can be derived from a quasi-Walrasian general equilibrium model of export supply and import demand.

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