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Instead, international lawmakers need to acknowledge the "important fact that in the Decalogue all main world religions are in accord with each other in their definition of good and evil" (64) and augment their concepts of human rights and liberty with the universally acknowledged standard of morality, that is, natural law (26), to which the consciences of all bear witness.
To summarize, proponents of gay adoption are within their rights to advocate in favor of their position, but to do so by insisting that the law be devoid of any religious standard of morality poses a great risk to the inherent rights of all.
The EPO stated that is was neither necessary nor appropriate to consider whether the standard of morality should be a European one.
For Ockham and the Nominalists, unlike the Thomists, it is God's will which is the only immutable and objective standard of morality.
8) It is the "higher" standard of morality, to which both churches and individuals hope to conform, and which people hope to impart to their children.
Ma is supposed to represent the highest standard of morality,'' Hsieh told reporters Thursday, adding that Ma's use of public funds, whether legal or not, constituted a breach of ethics.
The point of Euthyphro's dilemma is that the gods are irrelevant to the question of morality, because they are either capricious (and therefore not moral themselves), or they refer to an independent standard of morality that is accessible to humans as well.
But the most important, indeed the foundational, element of American culture is the comparatively high standard of morality observed by American citizens.
Second, it implicates a relational standard of morality, in addition to the rigid, rule-based standard of morality.

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