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This approach combines scenario-based role-playing, a commonly used process in social work education, with a standardized patient approach in creating this experiential exercise.
Using Unannounced Standardized Patients to Assess the HIV Preventive Practices of Family Nurse Practitioners and Family Physicians.
Still, the preparation of standardized patients is anything but standardized.
However, the present study, as have previous studies of psychologists in training, suggests a seeming contradiction of less intimidation and more triangulation with parents predicting a more positive working alliance between student physician and standardized patient.
27) or in the percentage of physicians who suspected he was a standardized patient (52% and 40%, respectively, [chi square] = 0.
Using the integrated standardized patient examination to assess clinical competence in physical therapist students.
Following the threads of innovation: The history of standardized patients in medical education.
Standardized patients can be useful for teaching basic clinical skills (McGaghie et al.
A ten-year review of the literature on the use of standardized patients in teaching and learning: 1996-2005.
This study explored the effectiveness of an educational intervention and implementation of an evidence-based tool kit on staff perceptions of how their actions influenced patient experiences, and increased standardized patient care processes and CGCAHPS scores.
05) improvement in notable attributes of communication skills felt by standardized patient after the training session [Table 2].

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