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Even without a standby agreement, Turkey, a G-20 member nation, still maintains ties with the IMF.
In particular, the agency assumes that the IMF standby agreement agreed in June 2013 will be fully disbursed, financing a large share of Tunisia's public and external financing needs in 2014.
In addition, Jamaica's fiscal position, macroeconomic parameters and external liquidity are set to improve further following its standby agreement with the IMF.
It may be added here that Pakistan entered into Standby Agreement with IMF for financing of SDR 5.
It should be noted that the IMF approved the disbursement of around EUR 900 million to the country following a new review of the countryEoACAOs performance under the standby agreement.
A senior IMF official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Greece had expressed interest during preliminary talks in a three-year precautionary standby agreement, which it would tap only when needed.
3 billion dollar standby agreement by March 31, and that it could be delayed till June-uly next year.
The outlook revision reflects our view of Romania's sustained budgetary reform program and our belief that the government is likely to continue to comply with the International Monetary Fund and European Union standby agreement," S&P credit analyst Marko Mrsnik said in the statement.
Standard & Poor's said it downgraded Jamaica one notch, to "CCC" and kept the negative outlook on the island credit following the resignation of the central bank governor, the lead negotiator of a possible standby agreement with the International Monetary Fund, reports Reuters (Nov.
Serbia agreed in May 2009 on a 382 million euro standby agreement with the IMF, promising reforms in exchange for help in trying to keep confidence in its economy and seeking to safeguard it from global economic woes.
Latvia's standby agreement with the IMF originally targeted a 4.
There is an SDR 475 million standby agreement with the IMF in place (which Baghdad treats as precautionary, as a facility on which it intends to draw only in an extreme emergency), and the volume of oil production has increased.