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In particular, the agency assumes that the IMF standby agreement agreed in June 2013 will be fully disbursed, financing a large share of Tunisia's public and external financing needs in 2014.
But, S&P warned that the ratings could come under pressure if the Romanian government fails to adhere to the economic and fiscal consolidation strategy, up to and beyond the termination of the standby agreement in 2011, or if the private sector's access to external financing worsens, exacerbating the banking system's vulnerabilities.
Standard & Poor's said it downgraded Jamaica one notch, to "CCC" and kept the negative outlook on the island credit following the resignation of the central bank governor, the lead negotiator of a possible standby agreement with the International Monetary Fund, reports Reuters (Nov.
Serbia agreed in May 2009 on a 382 million euro standby agreement with the IMF, promising reforms in exchange for help in trying to keep confidence in its economy and seeking to safeguard it from global economic woes.
Latvia's standby agreement with the IMF originally targeted a 4.
The Turkish government also has signed a standby agreement with the International Monetary Fund.
Earlier this month, Provexis signed a standby agreement with investment firm Cornell Capital Partners to provide Provexis with financial security for the short to medium term.
These large tax increases, part of the IMF demands for arriving at a standby agreement with Paraguay, are opposed by many Paraguayan economic and social organizations.
2003, is one of a handful of structural reforms that are preconditions for the IMF's board to approve a 3-year standby agreement for Ankara.
The country's standby agreement with the IMF expires April 18 and the government has asked the fund to extend it for a month while it sorts out the mess.
Today, therefore, I want to announce that Britain will follow up our standby agreement with the UN on troops with a similar agreement earmarking a number of UK police officers available for UN operations," he said.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has refused to release the third tranche of the 600 million dollar standby Agreement to Pakistan and demanded a new comprehensive agreement from the government to deal on this issue.