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Coincident with this transaction, Phage Pharmaceuticals has received startup funding from its parent company, New Technologies Holding Pte.
In 2014, Associated Press ranked Orange County as the 15th best city for tech startup funding with $212 million invested over the course of the fiscal year.
Each of the category winners will receive the chance to further sustain their business and grow for the future as some of the prize packages from the award's partners include enrolment in development programmes, startup funding capital, business coaching, space incubators and accelerators, growth plan development as well as certification and training.
2 million in startup funding, raised $46 million in additional funding, and created more than 300 jobs since the Clean Energy Challenge began in 2011.
There are already prepared a feasibility study for the construction project (this also organized by Public Construction) and detailed design is scheduled initiated in 2015 under the condition that it be given startup funding in the state budget.
In fact, he's already figured out how to get some initial startup funding without turning to investors: collect e-waste from local companies and then make money from recycling.
At the time of the study, the ship's overall capital budget, which includes startup funding and the initial operating costs, was estimated at $17.
Students, faculty and alumni will also be eligible for startup funding from NYU's Innovation Fund, which has a goal of raising $20 million through philanthropy by fiscal year 2018.
Reports by investment experts will be dedicated to investment possibilities and peculiarities of startup funding, typical mistakes made on the initial stage of business development and ways of avoiding them.
A $100,000 educational tree campaign has been launched to provide startup funding to implement the new program.
Today, Startech advises clients on more than 20 sources of startup funding.
July 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fueled by more than $7 million in startup funding, Readz, Inc.