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They have likened the case to the so-called "supergrass" trials in the 1980s, which saw both loyalist and republican paramilitaries jailed on the evidence of former colleagues who turned state's evidence.
Initially Hadjigeorgiou himself had denied all involvement but once he turned state's evidence he implicated former Sigma TV presenter Elena Skordelli, and her brother Tasos Krasopoulis as the alleged masterminds behind the hit.
According to the Ninth Circuit, the state's evidence of discrimination was insufficient because, among other things:
The Government made this explicitly clear in both the Secretary of State's evidence to the Education Select Committee and also in a subsequent parliamentary answer.
Following the gunning down of journalist Veronica Guerin, the programme was established in 1997 to encourage members of organised crime gangs to turn state's evidence against their former colleagues.
At press time, Eckert was preparing for a hearing to determine the fate of the state's evidence in the case.
So they are deciding to turn state's evidence, against themselves and others.
He shot to notoriety in 1980 when he broke the sacred Mafiacode of silence -Omerta -and turned state's evidence on senior members of the notorious Lucchese crime family to escape a prison sentence for drug pushing.
He shot to not or iety in 1980 when he turned state's evidence on the Lucchese crime family to escape a jail sentence.
They were guys who had either turned State's evidence or been busted," says Norton.
It seems her husband got mixed up with his brother's drug dealings but then had misgivings and turned state's evidence.

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