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Results of this study indicate that cross-sectional study design, bivariate inferential statistical analysis entailing comparison between two variables/groups, and use of statistical software programme SPSS to be the most common study design, inferential statistical analysis, and statistical analysis software programmes, respectively.
Another unblinded statistical analysis will be conducted by the DMC each time there is an additional adjudicated cardiovascular event.
The course also focused on building students skills in the use of statistical analysis via computers, understanding ethical concerns when applying statistical analysis to diverse populations, and presenting statistical findings both orally and in writing.
Indeed, microarray data have been a great motivator to the statistical community and many appropriate statistical analysis methods have been developed through collaborations between statisticians, biologists, and software developers.
1 percent segment, discovered by the brute force approach of data mining, would probably have been missed by traditional statistical analysis because its small size makes statistically insignificant.
Our statistical analysis was simple and conventional.
An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis, 3rd ed.
Judging from how quickly new tools are brought into play--including things like statistical analysis of work flow, and determining Six Sigma statistical values by comparing the base with the proposed state--this is happening more quickly than expected.
The outputs of a statistical analysis of the data from a CIPM key comparison are the key comparison reference value, the degrees of equivalence, and their associated uncertainties.
I am not privy to the statistical analysis of the purveyors of the credit-score system.
Now, thanks to advances in statistical analysis procedures, it's possible to demonstrate quantitatively the effect that communication has on organizational performance -- significantly reducing the assumptions in your plan of action.
The researchers' statistical analysis ignores the physics of climate change, Robock says.

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