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The final guidance, titled "Guidance for the Use of Bayesian Statistics in Medical Device Clinical Trials," describes use of Bayesian methods, design and analysis of medical device clinical trials, the benefits and difficulties with the Bayesian approach, and comparisons with standard statistical methods.
It is worth emphasizing managers' rather high level of awareness about the existence of statistical methods, but they were not requested to assess the level of their own practical knowledge about their use.
Each of the various statistical methods is described in considerable depth.
This guide covers a large number of useful statistical methods compactly, in a language and depth necessary to make successful applications.
Thus, the academic librarian above is still in compliance, since Statistical Methods is nonfiction and was published in the 1980s.
Learning the basics of statistical methods is said to greatly help the practitioners to make sense out of the experimental results and gain an insight into the coatings research and technology.
Supreme Court recently upheld the use of these statistical methods for most purposes - such as the distribution of federal funds and the drawing of congressional districts within a state - although it held that a 1976 law did not allow the use of sampling for ``apportionment'' of congressional seats among the states.
Comparable transactions and/or companies should be rechecked, and statistical methods (such as the comparable profits method) should be recalculated.
Streamer1 is continuous-quality-improvement software that uses a variety of multivariate predictive and experimental statistical methods to optimize processes.
Statistical methods can then be used to make weighting adjustments for variations in sample size (Mantel-Haenzel-Peto) or to explore the implication of both multiple biases across studies and varying levels of uncertainty about these biases (Confidence Profile Method).
Computational and statistical methods for protein quantification by mass spectrometry.
5 million grant is received by Computer scientists at Brown University from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health to develop new computer algorithms and statistical methods to analyze large, complex datasets.

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