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Chapman & Hall/CRC Handbooks of Modern Statistical Methods
The articles were carefully reviewed for statistical methods and designs, and then recorded accordingly.
This contract is to be financed from the EU Structural Project English-Lithuanian-English and French-Lithuanian-French machine translation, based on statistical methods, System "atisiskaitymui funds and the supplier invoice payment method used by project management and financing arrangements approved by the Government of Lithuania in 2007.
They used rigorous statistical methods to compare peak monsoon rainfall patterns during two time periods: from 1951 to 1980, and from 1981 to 2011.
The function of using statistical methods is to determine the margin of error associated with conclusions, based on the knowledge of the variability observed in the results.
Today's manager cannot carry out great deal of modern management tools (Rigby, 2005) without knowledge of statistical methods and statistical thinking.
Few books on the subject of statistical methods for spatial data analysis describe the methods in a thorough yet accessible manner.
Given the aforementioned research, and the idea that social work students are prone to anxiety, social work professors are often challenged with ways to deliver the content while reducing the student's anxiety of learning statistical methods.
Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution Rasmus Nielsen, ed.
The EUREDIT project was designed to find new statistical methods important to various areas of government-sponsored socioeconomic studies.
This article will discuss how statistical methods developed by Karl Pearson and R.
The researchers have developed statistical methods using multivariate image regression (MVIR) to evaluate pulp properties from multi-spectral NIR images of finished pulp.

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