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Since this pin performs its tightening function without the need for a lot of physical strength it might be a good option for some smaller statured shooters.
Low statured and woody plants may be better able to persist in environments with more extreme temperatures; given that they are generally longer-lived than herbaceous species and more likely to reproduce clonally, they could potentially capitalize on years with more favourable growing conditions (Trant et al.
Nitrogen response of short and tall statured varieties.
The expat helped form The Sspitfires - a team made up of members of Short Australia And Statured People of (SSPA) - in 2003.
The short- statured Tendulkar, who is very particular about the height of the sight screen, was seen gesturing something about the sight screen at the pavilion end.
Although my lineage was more statured than rich, good life seemed pre-earned for me.
India urgently needs a Gender Commission, as statured as the Population Commission chaired by the Prime Minister.
In California, our fertile soils and sunshine allow plants to grow well, and a larger statured vine makes sense if the soil can support vigorous growth (which is the case in many vineyards.
Native Colombians tend toward a mostly brown-skinned, dark-eyed, shorter statured population.
And while Racing Victoria defended the event as "harmless fun", a group called The Short Statured People of Australia did not agree.
Clinical examination revealed that patient is short statured (fig1) and presented with brachycephalic skull, frontal bossing, depressed frontal and parietal bones, hypo plastic maxilla, zygoma & clavicles.