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Advising the County on Civil Matters: statutory construction and interpretation, drafting and reviewing contracts, real estate transactions, eminent domain, financing, bankruptcy and creditors rights.
Further, to avoid unintended breadth in statutory construction, the court applied the doctrine of noscitur a sociis ("a word is known by the company it keeps").
Is the forum court free to apply its own rules of statutory construction, or should it apply those of the sister state?
Our view is that the Court of Appeals got it wrong, as a matter of statutory construction they're wrong.
The court further found that none of the government's arguments regarding statutory construction, absurd results, or the PPACA's legislative history or purpose were sufficient to prove that Congress meant something other than what the plain language of Sec.
presents a pure question of statutory construction, or instead involves
Although Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito are textualists in matters of statutory construction, in this instance I believe one or more of them may be inclined to vote for reversal.
30) When engaging in statutory construction to analyze whether the United States has waived its sovereign immunity, courts have required a very strict construction in favor of the sovereign.
If a court, employing traditional tools of statutory construction, ascertains that Congress had an intention on the precise question at issue, that intention is the law and must be given effect.
For a lay person to spend interminable hours reading the law without understanding the art of statutory construction might be akin to a lawyer with no medical training reading a surgical textbook and feeling he or she had enough knowledge to perform surgery.
First, this Part does not make any evaluative or normative claim about the value of any particular statutory construction methodology.
The question as to whether a decision made in breach of a condition regulating the exercise of a statutory power is invalid involves a question of statutory construction to determine whether the purpose of the legislation is to invalidate any act done in breach of the condition.