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You went to the doctor quiet as a sick cat to get and stay behind an' live with the women at the depot - you that wanted us to run to the sea in wolf-packs like the rebels none of your black blood dared to be
Lecount could stay behind to pack up the curiosities and settle with the trades-people, and could follow him to the admiral's on the next day.
You wouldn't like to stay behind without mother, should you, Lucy?
With fears about concussion, City's medical staff made him stay behind in Melbourne - so he and Delph are expected to travel back to the UK together.
Stay behind anyway until you can give the cyclist a wide enough margin to overtake.
Those free-kicks he produced against Lyon on Thursday - I've seen how he does it when we stay behind after training with Wales.
Third, after Hurricane Katrina, many of those who 'chose' to stay behind were told it was their fault.
Summary: FUJAIRAH -- A man who shot and seriously hurt a painter for disturbing him and his two companions, was convicted of murder attempt, and ordered to stay behind bars for three years.
This has resulting in women facing a potentially more difficult stay behind bars, the document said.
He told the Chronicle: "The fans have got stay behind us.
Leon is only 19-years-old, so stay behind him and don't spoil what we all felt that night when he did us proud on The X Factor.
Of the evacuees who had chosen to stay in New Orleans and ride out the hurricane prior to the city's flooding, only a third said they had received clear information on how to evacuate but had chosen to stay behind.