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Officials found guilty in facilitating power stealers would also not be spared, he explained.
Magistrate Astore, Mohammad Saeed Ahmad along with field staff of Electricity and Power Department and police launched operation against power stealers at Eidgah, Chongarah, Patipura, Lous ,Feena and Gorikot areas where several direct connections were seized.
So every time, we stayed wide awake into the wee hours, singing happy songs, tossing cards, even joshing kids with cheap scares that the corpse stealers were out to get them.
Three electricity stealers were caught in Khyber Circle at Pezu sub division while 30 including bakers, jewelers and other shops were apprehanded at Sarai Norang sub division.
The focus on selling stealers to anyone with money to spend means that a staggering number of script kiddies and technically challenged individuals resort to this type of threat as their malware of choice to enter the cybercrime scene.
These days, a 75 percent success rate is considered to be the minimum for judging the success of a base stealer.
Stealers Wheel's 1972 hit 'Stuck in the Middle With You' underwent a renaissance after featuring in Quentin Tarantino's film 'Reservoir Dogs' in the 1990s.
He had also endured professional disputes during his career, most notably a long-running contract disagreement with his former band Stealers Wheel.
He was also a member of the band Stealers Wheel with whom he scored another huge hit in 1972 with Stuck In The Middle With You.
uk Devils are real show stealers Cardiff Devils beat Steelers: Watch highlights from the Cardiff rink and post-match interviews of the Devils'' cup win WalesOnline.
Pal Tony Williams from his old band Stealers Wheel - best-known for Stuck in The Middle With You - said: "I'm so glad.
The Skids, Danny Wilson, Gallagher & Lyle, Stealers Wheel and Midge Ure were also omitted.